[GRASS5] [bug #3966] (grass) Refernce to -z option in r.slope.aspect is obsolete

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Sat Jan 7 17:37:32 EST 2006

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Subject: Refernce to -z option in r.slope.aspect is obsolete

Platform: GNU/Linux/i386
grass obtained from: CVS
grass binary for platform: Compiled from Sources
GRASS Version: GRASS 6.1.cvs checked out 20060107

Documentation for r.slope.aspect makes reference to a -z option for rasters that contain valid elevations with VALUE = 0. This appears to be no longer an option (hopefully no longer required)?


> r.slope.aspect -z elev=dem_60ft aspect=test
Sorry, <z> is not a valid flag

 Generates raster map layers of slope, aspect, curvatures and partial derivatives from a raster map layer of true elevation values. Aspect is calculated counterclockwise from east.

 r.slope.aspect [-aq] elevation=string [slope=string] [format=string]
   [prec=string] [aspect=string] [pcurv=string] [tcurv=string]
   [dx=string] [dy=string] [dxx=string] [dyy=string] [dxy=string]
   [zfactor=value] [min_slp_allowed=value]

  -a   Do not align the current region to the elevation layer
  -q   Quiet


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