[GRASS5] Re: [GRASSLIST:9817] Re: Talking about an umbrella GFOSS foundation

Tyler Mitchell tjm at timberline.ca
Sat Jan 14 01:10:58 EST 2006

pmarc wrote:
> I sometime wondered why GRASS and other GFOSS project get (AFAIK)
> unnoticed here.
> Well, I am not aware of any relevant company here using any GFOSS.

Having GRASS represented by Markus' keynote talk at the OSGeo '05
conference really helped raise exposure and remind more people it is
still moving along nicely :)

> All this talk is giving me ideas... I shall talk of them another day.

I especially look forward to hearing your ideas.  If you have any
comments about my list of ideas, I'd love to hear it:

I am very excited about having so many GFOSS projects represented in the
same room together - it shows a real willingness to collaborate at some

Just to follow up on Markus' comment - the foundation is definitely NOT
going to be the MapServer Foundation any longer.  The name will be
changed and the focus will no longer be mainly on MapServer - they will
remain at the table, but more as an equal player with others.  So now is
the chance for GRASS :)


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