[GRASS5] grass 6.1CVS: crashes with adapted sites library

benducke at compuserve.de benducke at compuserve.de
Thu Jan 19 12:21:47 EST 2006

Hi everyone,

I have trouble using modules that are not fully updated to
the new vect API and make use of the "adapted sites library" instead.
E.g., I am getting a segmentation fault from r.cost and r.drain:

 r.drain in=cost out=routes vector_points=tmp,tmp2
WARNING: Adapted sites library used for vector points (module should be
         updated to GRASS 6 vector library).
[1]-  Exit 255                v.net
Segmentation fault

The vector points are really ok: level 2 and a dbf-connection.
map 'tmp' has just 1 point, 'tmp2' has 7. Also, the curious
thing is that the modules crash before they do anything except
opening the maps. I know this because I will get a crash, even
if I supply an invalid map ('vector_points=tmp,doesnotexist').
So no actual processing seems to take place. It really crashes
at the very first occasion ...

Tried this on two different systems, one with a CVS version from
about a week ago and one from today.

Did anyone experience the same problems?

Thanks for any help!


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