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"Sören Gebbert" soerengebbert at gmx.de
Tue Jan 24 10:30:42 EST 2006

Dear list,
Markus, Stephan, Jachym and I are developing a small GRASS Testframework. 
This framework allows to implement tests for single grass modules, or for
a combination of serveral grass modules. It also allows to check the output
from raster, vector, raster3 and file-export-modules via md5 checksums.
The html result of a simple testrun with some sample testscripts is
available here:


The framework is still a protype and we have some problems. So i would like
to ask
for some help in a md5 checksum issue.

We are testing the sample testscripts within the spearfish60 location.
While testing the vector md5 validation, we have the problem that the 
md5 checksums of the coor and topo files are different between two
The two computers are running 32Bit linux, but one of them has a 64Bit AMD

So my question:
Depends the file format of the vector files (coor, topo) from the cpu or os?
Or are there environment variables which creates different vector files
on different systems?

Any help or suggestions are welcome,
Best regards

what are you thinking about the html output?

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