[GRASS5] GPJ_osr_to_grass

Radim Blazek radim.blazek at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 09:56:25 EST 2006

Hi Paul,

in the header of GPJ_osr_to_grass there is a parameter
OGRSpatialReferenceH *hSRS:

int GPJ_osr_to_grass(struct Cell_head *cellhd, struct Key_Value **projinfo,
                     struct Key_Value **projunits, OGRSpatialReferenceH *hSRS,
                     int interacti)

but in the body it is used as OGRSpatialReferenceH not OGRSpatialReferenceH*,
for example OSRMorphFromESRI( hSRS ) which is defined as
OGRErr OSRMorphFromESRI( OGRSpatialReferenceH hSRS )

The parameter should be changed to OGRSpatialReferenceH hSRS
or should it be used in the body as *hSRS? It seems that in GRASS
is the function called with OGRSpatialReferenceH*.
How can it work on Linux? On Windows it either crashes if
the parameter is passed as (void **) OGRSpatialReferenceH or
does not work if passed as OGRSpatialReferenceH*.


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