[GRASS5] Re: [GRASSLIST:10058] GIS Manager 2 release candidate 1 ==> menu Mapping

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Tue Jan 31 00:12:22 EST 2006


It would be very nice to have the menu structure documented in the manual. I
did a help page for the first version of the GIS Manager, but didn't have
time to give it the kind of detail you suggest. The menu hasn't changed much
this time. I only took some things off that were no longer needed. But this
manual page will need to be updated for the new GIS Manager.

It would be great if you or someone could beef up the GIS Manger doc page
with a description of the menus, along with updates on how the new GUI
works. Markus has made it so that images can now be included. So screenshots
of the menus and other items can go into the GIS Manager doc page to really
make it nice. 

This just takes someone with a little time and minimal knowledge of html to

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> Subject: Re: [GRASSLIST:10058] GIS Manager 2 release candidate 1 ==> menu
> Mapping
> Michael,
> in the new display manager is there a means of tracking the menu mapping
> of various commands?
> I think it would be usefull that in the man pages there is a map of how
> to find the command in the menu structure if it exists... this might be
> something to consider. I mapped out all the modules in GRASS 5.6 I think
> it was. But then things changed and it was alot of work to repeat. There
> must be an automated approach one can use, just like how the module
> dialog windows are automaticaly created.
> just a thought
> I'll look forward to seeing the new DM when it is released...
> Cheers
>> I just committed to the cvs and uploaded to my web site
>> <http://www.public.asu.edu/~cmbarton/files/grass_gismgr/gism_rc1_20060130.tgz
>> <http://www.public.asu.edu/%7Ecmbarton/files/grass_gismgr/gism_rc1_20060130.t
>> gz%20> 
>> a new version of the GRASS GIS Manager. Hopefully, with sufficient
>> testing and any needed bug fixes, we can move toward making this the
>> current default GUI for GRASS 6.
>> This builds on the prototype I released last week, fixing all reported
>> (and some unreported) bugs and adding some of the new user-related
>> features I previously mentioned. A few notable items are:
>> -printing to postscript devices (along with pdf and eps file output)
>> is now supported with ghostscript‹though I am hoping someone with more
>> ghostscript expertise can test and tweak this as needed.
>> -Each map display window now sports a progress bar that indicates the
>> map drawing process.
>> -Separate layer trees can be saved as resource files (*.dmrc) for each
>> map display created.
>> -x11 windows automatically launch for modules that require them.
>> -Several bugs with switching among displays, resizing, and querying
>> have been fixed.
>> -There have been quite a few other changes Œunder the hood¹ to
>> increase stability and improve functionality.
>> In order to do vector querying, you¹ll need the new v.what module
>> created by Trevor Wiens. This should be uploaded to the CVS soon, but
>> is currently available in the package on my web site as source code
>> and a Mac OSX binary.
>> I¹ve tested this on Mac OSX WITHOUT X11 and it works fine. Obviously,
>> you can¹t run the several modules that still require x11 in this mode
>> (most importantly, digitizing, georeferencing GCP placement, and
>> NVIZ). But this should run with the new Windows native version of
>> GRASS, assuming a Windows native version of TclTk is installed. The
>> command console that is included in the GIS Manager main window means
>> that you can send commands to GRASS without an active terminal...I
>> think. I assume that the init.sh file would need to be tweaked a bit,
>> but it should work. I¹d be interested in hearing from anyone who tries
>> it‹and especially from anyone who succeeds. ;-)
>> I¹d also be happy to have other people begin to work on maintaining
>> and updating this GUI for GRASS. Areas with highest priority include:
>> A module to configure the GUI‹e.g., fonts, query style, layer order.
>> Better printing
>> Updated c-modules that do not require x11‹especially for digitizing,
>> georeferencing, and NVIZ
>> optimizing the PNG driver (I¹m not sure exactly what could be done
>> here, but maybe worth looking into)
>> My thanks again to Radim Blazek, who developed the display manager for
>> GRASS 5 and 6 which formed the conceptual and some of the code basis
>> for this GUI; Glynn Clements who has helped with TclTk questions,
>> Trevor Wiens and Lorenzo Moretti who have helped me get working
>> versions of v.what; and Crischan Wygoda and Martin Wegmann who also
>> have been important contributors to the GUI redesign project.
>> My hope is that this will provide inspiration for more sophisticated
>> UI for a great spatial technology.
>> Michael
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