[GRASS-dev] v.digit clipping

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 2 23:28:52 EST 2006


v.digit clips digitized lines to within the current region, although
actual data points are recorded. (if you pan over you see all points
were in fact recorded) This is quite weird if you don't have a backdrop
raster and you have big off-region bands on two sides of the xmon. Lines
just disappear for "no reason".

As exact region edges are non-important for vector maps, it would be
nice to render these lines regardless of region clipping.

Usually it would be a case of replacing D_move_abs() and D_cont_abs()
with R_move_abs() and R_cont_abs() in vector/v.digit/driver.c, but
G_setup_plot() expects Move and Cont args to return int (as D_*_abs()
do), but R_*_abs() return void.

what's the correct solution?
 - re-type R_*_abs(), R_*_rel() fns to int?
 - cast void->int in v.digit's G_setup_plot() args?
 - modify G_setup_plot() to take "int clip={TRUE|FALSE}" instead of
   function names?  (major breakage, e.g. v.to.rast/raster.c)
 - something else?


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