[GRASS-dev] do not get debug messages in 63-cvs

Florian Kindl Florian.Kindl at uibk.ac.at
Sat Nov 4 12:13:07 EST 2006

Hello list!

For some time the debug messages in grass63-cvs are no longer working for 

`g.gisenv set=DEBUG=5` seems to do its job as `g.gisenv DEBUG` returns 
"5" but no debug messages are printed when I call a module.

I tried a `make distclean`, even a complete new install of the whole 
source tree, but the problem is still there.
`./configure` and `make` run without errors...

It works fine in grass6.2.0-RC3 on the same machine, configured and 
compiled the same way.

Any ideas where the problem lies  or what I did wrong?

Thank you,

Florian Kindl
Institute of Geography
University of Innsbruck

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