[GRASS-dev] GRASS at GForge first steps

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sun Nov 5 04:57:50 EST 2006

Hamish wrote:
> Maciej Sieczka wrote:
>> Issues tracker is for bugs, defects, wishes. I will take care of it in
>> terms of sorting out bugs which are doubtfull or lacking information.
>> I can also fix some minor stuff like docs, typos in the code, shell
>> scripts etc..

> why not a separate tracker for bugs, wishes, docs, website, install
> probs... then people who want to work on fixing docs but not C code can
> quickly see that there are 3 open doc bugs they can work on, instead of
> spending a lot of time going through 56 open bugs of all types to find
> any doc ones.

Good point. I'll separate them. Maybe today. If not - next days.

> ?? if separate, can issues be moved between trackers (wish filed as a
> bug)

Yes, they can.

> how is a defect different than a bug?

Call it "bad feature". I sometimes was told that I was reporting
something as a bug while actually it was a feature. Although that
feature was not good - eg. the current memory overhaed in GRASS vectors
and dbf driver. Do you want a separate tracker for defects and bugs
(I'd prefer them kept in one tracker, so that defects are as attended
as bugs are).

> While we commision the new tracker(s), I would like to see the old bug
> tracker kept alive for some time, even if less used.

This was already agreed on the dev list IIRC. Old GRASS RT is going to
be used for the old bugs, since nobody seems to be able to transfer
them to GForge. New bugs will be reported at GForge - not yet though,
GRASS' GForge is still at development stage :) - give some more time.

>> Talking of surveys

> I think this is a nice feature, perhaps more interesting than useful,
> but still good.


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