[GRASS-dev] d.redraw -> g.parser

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 8 00:31:54 EST 2006


currently d.redraw doesn't use the parser as it takes no options.

For man pages, etc it is nice to use it.

There is --ui to force the GUI in parser.c, but no --no-ui to avoid it.
And no enviro vars to control this either, AFAICT.

Any problem with adding the --q flag to get the same effect?

-#GUI is not very useful here, commented:
-#if [ "$1" != "@ARGS_PARSED@" ] ; then
-#  exec g.parser "$0" "$@"
+#GUI is not very useful here,
+if [ "$1" != "@ARGS_PARSED@" ] ; then
+  exec g.parser "$0" "$@" --q



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