[GRASS-dev] Re: [GRASS-user] r.reclass not spawning xterm on Mac OS X

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 9 00:58:17 EST 2006

[->dev list]

Michael Barton wrote:
> I'd forgotten about this environmental variable. So I tried it out to
> remind myself how it worked. Overall, it isn't much of an advantage,
> at least in the case of r.reclass and absolutely will not work in the
> TclTk GUI.

? try r.digit.

> What is does is put the command back into the old interactive terminal
> mode.

Only IF you don't don't enter the options at the command line.
No GUI means no GUI at all.

> So for r.reclass, if GRASS_UI_TERM=0, you need to type ...
> r.reclass input=[old_map] output=[new_map]
> ...to get to the interactive terminal screen where you can put in
> reclass statements.

yes. and if you type "r.reclass" without options you get the GUI window,
which tries to output the terminal/curses "gui" in the gui output box.

> If GRASS_UI_TERM=1 and you simply type r.reclass, you are prompted in
> the terminal to enter the [old_map] and [new_map] before you can get
> to the same terminal screen to put in reclass statements.

yes, but you don't get those prompts if you gave them on the command
> Because it requires interactive xterm use (query/response), it cannot
> be used in the TclTk GUI platform.
> Oh well. 

no more than r.digit or any other module that is launched with
 -command {term g.module }

> It is a very useful module, IMHO, because it offers the chance to
> maintain multiple views of a raster map and use only a tiny bit of
> disk space.

it requires an term to run (like r.digit), but if fed reclass rules via
stdin it can run in non-interactive mode. e.g.

G63> r.reclass input=[old_map] output=[new_map] < rules.txt

I though this is what $GISBASE/gm/script/r.reclass.rules and
r.reclass.file for?

The problem:
r.reclass by itself on the command line launching a GUI breaks when you
hit [Run].

The solution: GRASS_UI_TERM=1 + wrapper scripts (wappers provide gui
frontend for gis.m with no breakage from the command line)
  $GISBASE/gm/script/r.reclass.rules and .../r.reclass.file

GRASS_UI_TERM=1 should not break your wrapper scripts.



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