[GRASS-dev] Re: windows binaries

Glynn Clements glynn at gclements.plus.com
Thu Nov 9 02:18:04 EST 2006

Moritz Lennert wrote:

> > Disclaimer: I only see a fragment of the entire post, and might
> > misunderstand.
> > 
> > D.vect.thematic does not require any particular driver. It uses d.vect
> > (iterated over different theme values) to render the final map.
> > 
> > This is why it can work with either an xmonitor or a TclTk canvas (the
> > latter via the PNG driver and immediate rendering mode.)
> It won't work in immediate rendering mode since, as you say, it calls 
> d.vect several times and in immediate rendering mode each call creates a 
> new map from scratch, thus losing the overlaying of the different 
> classes.

Could it easily be modified to work with direct rendering? I.e. make
multiple calls to d.vect, each generating a separate PPM/PGM pair,
then using g.composite to generate the final result?

Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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