[GRASS-dev] vector symbology

Agata Giełdowska agieldowska at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 09:43:00 EST 2006


I'm a new user of GRASS and I struggle with some options that I've
learned with ArcGIS and are not easy to find or do not exist here.
How can I set the symbology to a vector map to display map by
attributes (different columns - one at a time) with the same colours
for the same class/value/category?
Example: I have a layer of soil map and want to display it by map unit
- so that the same units have the same colour and not just a random
selection of colours assigned automaticaly for polygons.
Or other time same map displayed by soil type (other column within
attribute table) - broader selection - several map units fall within
the same type - particular types displayed with different colours -
prefferebly colours set manually.

Thanks for your help



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