[GRASS-dev] Error in redrawing text layer in gis.m

Patton, Eric epatton at nrcan.gc.ca
Wed Nov 15 14:55:09 EST 2006

>I can't get an error to be generated if there are correct values for the
>grid. Are you doing something that I am not doing here?


Yes, the critical step is to have a text layer drawn on the map canvas and geogrid as well. Try adding a lext layer, drawing, then changing parameters in the text layer options, like boldness, angle of rotation, etc. Then click 'Redraw all layers'. Or, try turning the text layer off, change parameters, redraw, then turn the text layer back on and redraw all layers. This not only produces an error, but freezes all display buttons in gis.m. I have to kill gis.m and start another instance of it to continue.

~ Eric.

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