[GRASS-dev] fixes before 6.2.1 [was: ps.map: scale wrong and no output]

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Fri Nov 17 10:16:04 EST 2006

>> Fixing the gis.m, so that it preserved the aspect ratio for
>> single-click zooming in the restricted mode, is also a critical issue.

This is not a bug. The single click zoom in (and out) uses the window
geometry to zoom in to fill the display as you get 'closer', while centering
the view (i.e., display region) on the point you click. You can set the
aspect display geometry with a box or with g.region--or you can simply make
the display window the aspect geometry you want and single-click away. It
works like the zoom in/zoom out button that GRASS lacks. IMHO, it's pretty
slick. While some might wish it were otherwise, it is this way with
forethought and intention, and works exactly as designed--so not a bug.

I've tried to notify you about all bug fixes that should be backported. And
if I remember correctly, you've told me that each one was backported. The
only possible outstanding bug is the slightly misleading error message
generated when the GUI fails to start up because gdal is not installed or
incorrectly installed. However, in discussions with Hamish, it is looking
like this would be better trapped before the GUI tries to launch.

Eric Patton's text/laton grid problem is a 6.3 issue that I've not yet been
able to replicate. The same goes for the in-progress nviz updates.

Let me know if there is anything else that comes to mind.

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