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Thomas Adams Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov
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It depends on your level of understanding of GRASS; there is still a lot 
of relevance to GRASS 6.x in the 2nd Ed., but at the same time, lots has 
changed. If it's within your budget, get the 2nd Ed., otherwise wait for 
the 3rd Ed. Also, with book publishing, (I'm guessing) it *could* be the 
middle of 2007 before the book is available. Overall, I'd say meet your 
needs now, but realize you'll have to get more up-to-date info through 
the GRASS User's Manual, GRASS Wiki, and elsewhere.


infotechsys at pivot.net wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I'm thinking about purchasing "Open Source GIS" 
>     by " Markus Neteler and Helena Mitasova". I notice
>     that a new edition is coming out next year. Should
>     I wait for the new edition or go ahead and purchase
>     the second edition? What is the main differents
>     in the two edition? While I'm here, can GRASS read
>     Autocad files? My town uses a company that has 
>     digitize the town maps using Autocad and I want
>     to show them a different way of doing it, hoping
>     to save them some money.
>     Thanks.
>     Wayne
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