[GRASS-dev] winGRASS native

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 19 18:07:25 EST 2006

Yann Chemin wrote:
> > > I used the GRASS version from:
> > > http://geni.ath.cx/grass.html#toc2
> > > It says: 6.3.CVS September 17, 2006
> > >
> > > Unfortunately i have not recorded the errors... But if i remember
> > > well
> > > Things that could not work on GRASS GIS native:
> > > - r.watershed (Neither GUI nor CLI worked)
> > > About r.watershed, it mentioned something about /RAM that was
> > > making the problem. sorry for this poor info, i dont have Windows
> > > box around.

IIUC, r.watershed/seg/Makefile and r.watershed/ram/Makefile need to have
$(EXE) added to the end of the support binaries so they'll get .exe
extensions. (I'm not sure where/how in the Makefile to do this)

bug: ram.exe and seg.exe are getting installed in both $GISBASE/etc/ and
$GISBASE/etc/water/. I'm not sure why, is it because "default: etc" ?
The version in water/ is what is called.

these should be checked for the same missing $(EXE):

cd $GISBASE/etc
for PGM in `find . -perm +3 -type f | grep -v '\.tcl$'` ; do
  file "$PGM" | grep ELF | cut -f1 -d:

# some verified ones removed


Any more thoughts on a hierarchy for the $GISBASE/etc/ dir?
To help with multi-platform packaging it would be nice to segregate
scripts and tcl from binaries, but as far as GRASS is concerned a
support program is a support program regardless of what language was
used to write it. 

If we have nviz/, startup/, and gui/ dirs [tcl] then ELF binaries could
be put in system/ (lock, run, mon.*. frame.*), and modules/ (water/, ..)


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