[GRASS-dev] [bug #5310] (grass) Coodinate conversion

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Mon Nov 20 06:11:48 EST 2006

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Subject: Coodinate conversion

Platform: Mac OSX
grass binary for platform: Compiled from Sources

Question? I want to have a plug-in for FileMakerPro that can do coordinate conversion between 
different coordinate systems as f.ex. UTM and Decimaldegree, NGO and UTM. Is it possible to take 
code from the GRASS project to do such a thing? And second; if this is OK to do, is there anybody in 
the developer communiy tha could be interested in doing this? We may pay for it, and such a  plug-in 
may have commersial interest.
Best regards

HÃ¥kon Borch

HÃ¥kon Borch
Bassengveien 8
N-1512 Moss
E-mail: naturkar at online.no

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