[GRASS-dev] v.cellstats script [+new module: r.out.xyz]

Martin Wegmann wegmann at biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de
Mon Nov 20 09:57:32 EST 2006

hello Hamish,

On Saturday 18 November 2006 08:11, Hamish wrote:
> Martin Wegmann wrote:
> > Carlos Grohmann and I created a script as substitute for v.cellstats.
> > It would be great if somebody can look through it to give feed-back
> > how to improve it before we post it to the WIKI.
> how does this script's function differ from the new r.resamp.stats
> module?

yes it looks the same and it's much faster, but it variance is missing.

I did a test with v.cellstats2 and r.resamp.stats (+ r.to.vect + g.region + 
v.surf.rst) using spearfish and the result in quite the same. 

Perhaps it is worth to write a script v(r).cellstats with r.resamp.stats + 
subsequent commands to receive interpolated high res. results.

> script notes:   (many are general comments for all grass scripts)
> * _v._cellstats, but it imports and exports raster maps!

yes, you are right r.cellstats would be better. we named it v.*  just  because 
we wanted to provide a subsitute for v.cellstats 

thanks for your comments below, I will work through them and modify script.

cheers, Martin

> * use standard input= and output= option names for consistency.
>   make input= the first option
> * output maps should use the "new,cell,raster". This way --overwrite
> works, etc
> #% key: raster
> #% gisprompt: old,cell,raster
> * for method key, use "options:" line to specify available methods.
> #% options: n,min,max,range,sum,mean,stddev,variance,coeff_var
> * redirect status messages to stderr:  (helps parsing output to a file)
> echo "You must be in GRASS GIS to run this program" 1>&2
> * export cell x,y,z to file directly:
> was:
>   #convert to vect and export as ascii
>   r.to.vect -z input=$GIS_OPT_raster output=tmp_vect feature=point
>   v.out.ascii input=tmp_vect output=xyz_file format=point
> easier:
>   r.stats -1ng "$GIS_OPT_raster" > xyz_file
> (as this is impossible to guess without prior experience, I've just
> written a simple wrapper script called r.out.xyz, now in 6.3cvs.
> maybe better as an option to r.out.ascii?)
> * use "r.to.vect -b" so the script can work with larger grids
> (1500x1500) input -> 2.25million vector point & memory problems
> if topology is built. Also, r.in.xyz has to keep the entire map in
> memory, so hard-coding percent=100 for Very large grids could cause
> problems.
> * use g.tempfile  (script won't work if in a non writeable dir, eg "/")
> see grass scripts/ for an example of doing that safely
> (e.g. r.univar.sh)
> * double quote all "$VARIABLES". legal map names may include restricted
> shell chars, filenames may include spaces.
> cheers,
> Hamish
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