[GRASS-dev] v.category option=print: fails to print area's categories

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 22 19:18:04 EST 2006

> > I'd rather suggest to map area to centroid (i.e. if area is given
> > behave the same as if centroid is given), as intuitively people are
> > looking for information concerning areas not centroids.

> Area = centroid + boundary
> simplification you suggest tend to be misguided;-) I prefer (but not
> sure) removing area from the type list and update manual pages of
> v.category to make it clear to user. What do you think about it?

does "area" not make sense for all other options as well?

  option   Action to be done:
        add - add a new category
        del - delete category
        chlayer - change layer number (e.g. layer=3,1 changes layer 3 to layer 1)
        sum - add the value specified by cat option to the current category value
        report - print report (statistics), in shell style:
                layer type count min max
        print - print category values, more cats in the same layer are separated by '/'
           options: add,del,chlayer,sum,report,print
           default: add


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