[GRASS-dev] remove d.vect -v flag

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 24 01:30:52 EST 2006

Martin Landa wrote:
> do you think we can remove the -v flag from d.vect module? I don't
> think it is used in scripts, etc.

No, not during GRASS 6.x. While it may not be used in any official
scripts it may break a users' scripts.

To prepare for it's removal in GRASS 7 you can modify the -v flag to
assert GRASS_VERBOSE=x and print a G_warning("-v depreciated"), and then
modify the module's "quiet=" code to set itself based on the
GRASS_VERBOSEity level. Then when GRASS 7 comes out it is simple to
remove it.

e.g. as Jachym has done for r.buffer.

I see it is pretty useless. I guess you could rip out the two calls to
it and change the flag's description to -v "unused, will be removed in
future". I guess it is useful for d.vect from the GUI, but then it
should use G_message() and G_done_msg() which obey --quiet, and have no
-v flag. i.e. it isn't always clear when a module which runs in a GUI
window has finished, so in that situation these messages are quiet nice.

It also would be nice if G_done_msg() could trigger a green check-mark 
  / graphic when complete, as G_warning() triggers a "!" and
\/  G_fatal_error() triggers a "X" in the GUI output.


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