[GRASS-dev] library of data partitioning algorithms

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Mon Nov 27 09:11:30 EST 2006


In the effort of creating a C-version of d.vect.thematic we are planning 
on using a series of library functions for data partitioning which would 
contain classical algorithms such as equal interval, quantiles, stdev, 
etc, but also more sophisticated ones such as "natural breaks" or 
kmeans. They would take a vector of data and the number of desired 
classes and return the breakpoints.

These functions could then be used by other modules, such as d.vect.chart.

I have two questions concerning this:

1) Where should we integrate these functions ? lib/stats is currently 
limited to raster, should we integrate non-raster functionality in there ?

2) Does anyone know of an existing C-library of such functions. Just so 
that we don't reinvent the wheel.



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