[GRASS-dev] Re: [GRASS-user] updating kriging modules for grass 62

Benjamin Ducke benjamin.ducke at ufg.uni-kiel.de
Tue Nov 28 03:32:59 EST 2006

While I would really like to see someone except for
myself use GEM, I think kriging is really core GIS
functionality and should be part of the base modules

I would also expect a lot of statistical modules in the
future to depend on R, seeing how powerful the R
spatial analysis stuff is.
There are so many useless dependencies in GRASS (Motif,
BLAS, LAPACK,...), so why not add one that is actually very
useful for a lot of people?

Or even better: why not include an up-to-date R shell and
the best spatial stat libraries in the GRASS base
distribution to make it easier for everyone to add
powerful spatial statistics modules to GRASS and use them

I think R is excellent quality code that runs on all major
OS's and has no dependencies itself.


Michael Barton wrote:
> Pierluigi,
> Could you make these installable via GEM?
> Michael
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> School of Human Evolution & Social Change
> Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity
> Arizona State University
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>> From: Pierluigi De Rosa <pierluigi.derosa at gfosservices.it>
>> Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 11:06:59 +0100
>> To: GRASS LIST <grassuser at grass.itc.it>
>> Subject: [GRASS-user] updating kriging modules for grass 62
>> Dear User,
>> I have updated on GRASS addons v.variogram anv v.krige run on spgrass6 >= 0.3
>> and sp >= 0.9
>> I created a new one module v.krige.cv to perform leave-one-out- Cross
>> Validation of variogram model. Obviously this modules have to be run before
>> v.krige.
>> I know my explanation is really short but if anyone is interested to this
>> modules and he wont to undestand better how they works please let me kwon it
>> and I will write a better tutorial
>> Pierluigi
>> -- 
>> Pierluigi De Rosa
>> GFosServices S.A.

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