[GRASS-dev] [bug #5215] (grass) r.los module crashes (Windows)

Benjamin Ducke benjamin.ducke at ufg.uni-kiel.de
Thu Nov 30 04:12:26 EST 2006

I can confirm the same problem with r.cva (based on r.los).
It crashes on Windows (cross compiled on a linux box).
I could locate the problem in the functions that were taken
from the original r.los code, so this is probably the same

It seems to me that the Win32 memory manager is more picky
than those on Unix systems. There is probably some dirty
memory allocation somewhere which does no harm but makes
the Windows mem manager choke nevertheless.

The effects of the inefficient LOS routines are multiplied
in a cumulative viewshed analysis with r.cva, resulting
in ridiculously long computation times. It's a pitty, because
r.cva is much more flexible than any other GIS viewshed module
I have ssen so far.


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> Oh and is there a reason why we can not put r.cva in CVS and replace r.los
> with it, perhaps renaming it to r.los? I recall there being some discussion on
> the list about that but can't remember the outcome. Was there some objection
> from the author? IIRC r.cva fixed a few bugs in r.los as well as greatly
> increasing the functionality. Had some very nice documentation too.
> Paul
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