[GRASS-dev] enable forwarding all GRASS GForge traffic to grass-dev ML?

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Tue Apr 3 12:17:38 EDT 2007

Markus Neteler wrote:
> Hamish wrote on 04/03/2007 02:53 AM:
>> ...
>> it would be nice if the cc'd emails only contained new bug comments.
>>  * skip messages from minor tracker edits.
>>     eg "priority changed to ..."

It is not possible currently.

>>  * don't include full bug history in each email, only the newest comment.

Not possible currently either. Each email from GForge trackers will
include the full thread. I didn't design it. That's how it is.

> I also dislike that all stuff is included (you never find the relevant
> piece, also due to the "fancy" ordering style within the report.

That's a GForge bad feature which I can't fix. Maybe our GForge host,
the Intevation, can. If they can't, maybe it is an issue in GForge in
general and we should ask GForge devs to fix that. Before doing that,
I'd love to hear from Intevation. Like I said, I have reported the
problem few weeks ago [1] and there was not answer yet.

> If someone wants the history, s/he can go to the tracker.

>> otherwise too much noise. at minimum a "cc" field in the bug tracker
>> would let us manually enter grass-dev, as the old system did.

> Sounds like a good idea.

That's what I asked for in [1].

>> Maybe add grass-dev as an interested party in the bug report?

That's what I asked about in this thread. So, should I? Mind that each
email from GForge trackers will include the whole thread (all
messages), with the original message on top, the most recent next, and
all older messages after that, in chronological order (newer first,
older next).

>> Also how to enable reply-to-bug from grass-dev?

I don't think it is possible currently. And I'm not sure it is needed.
Other widely used tracking systems (Bugzilla, Trac) require one to use
an online interface too and users got used to it. What is missing in
GForge, is an option to CC an arbitrary email, eg. a mailing list, when
a consultation is needed.



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