[GRASS-dev] r.univar, r3.univar and r3.stats

Sören Gebbert soerengebbert at gmx.de
Fri Apr 6 16:48:45 EDT 2007

i have replaced r.univar with a new version which is able
to handle raster and volume maps. Now two modules are created:
r.univar and r3.univar.

The code for booth modules is located in raster/r.univar2.
A separate manpage for each module exists.

Also i would like to announce that i have committed a new statistic module
called r3.stats to CVS some weeks ago. r3.stats calculates volume statistics based on
raster3d maps. It is a new implementation and not related to r.stats (this will hopefully changed in the future).

r3.stats can be used to compute:
* the volume of geological layers
* the volume of deposits (sand, ore, oil, water ...)
* the volume of polluted groundwater or soils

Two new statistic modules are available for volume maps. Please test them
and let me know if something is missing.

Best regards

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