[GRASS-dev] enable forwarding all GRASS GForge traffic to grass-dev ML?

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Apr 12 04:31:19 EDT 2007

Hi Maciej,
Hi All,

sorry for being a bit slow on this thread to respond.
We will fix wald to make it useful.
Our motivation is strong as we use it ourselfs.

The idea to use the gforge software is that we want to share
to effort to create a great development platform with other Free Software
developers, while keeping and interface that many users know
and thus keep the entry barrier low.

Since we have decided to use www.gforge.org, we had to learn
that this also makes things slower sometimes as we have
Debian and gforge.org that we would want to support.
Also the Gforge group did now go into the proprietary market.
The community around gforge is quite big, so it will still be
among the best software packages to have for this, but we need
to do more to make it really fly.

Now back to the concrete problems:
In general, if you want to help with this, try to help fixing it
in the public in Debian and Gforge (both upstream for us).
Link your efforts to the entries on wald, this way, everybody can help
and we can push this for the good of GRASS, wald, Debian, gforge and the 
whole Free Software community.

I will list the entries in the 

On Tuesday 03 April 2007 18:17, Maciej Sieczka wrote:
> Markus Neteler wrote:
> > Hamish wrote on 04/03/2007 02:53 AM:
> >> ...
> >> it would be nice if the cc'd emails only contained new bug comments.
> >>  * skip messages from minor tracker edits.
> >>     eg "priority changed to ..."
> It is not possible currently.

This one is missing the wald site-admin tracker?
(As a seperate issue.)

> >>  * don't include full bug history in each email, only the newest
> >> comment.
> Not possible currently either. Each email from GForge trackers will
> include the full thread. I didn't design it. That's how it is.


> > I also dislike that all stuff is included (you never find the relevant
> > piece, also due to the "fancy" ordering style within the report.
> That's a GForge bad feature which I can't fix. Maybe our GForge host,
> the Intevation, can. If they can't, maybe it is an issue in GForge in
> general and we should ask GForge devs to fix that. Before doing that,
> I'd love to hear from Intevation. Like I said, I have reported the
> problem few weeks ago [1] and there was not answer yet.

We can fix things, but of course it is better if upstream would fix it.
So I suggest that we do a ranking of the issues, submit them all
to upstream and start fixing the ones that are most urgent from our side
as well.

> >> otherwise too much noise. at minimum a "cc" field in the bug tracker
> >> would let us manually enter grass-dev, as the old system did.
> >
> > Sounds like a good idea.
> That's what I asked for in [1].
> >> Maybe add grass-dev as an interested party in the bug report?
> That's what I asked about in this thread. So, should I? Mind that each
> email from GForge trackers will include the whole thread (all
> messages), with the original message on top, the most recent next, and
> all older messages after that, in chronological order (newer first,
> older next).

This is a matter of workflow.
I would prefer to only have new issues reported to the main list
and then people can add themselfs to monitor that item if they
are interested.

If you want a general email monitoring, we could create another list
which get the full information. Actually all wald project admins
can do so. Then people could subscribe to that list
and filter out whatever information they want to see.
This would be an alternative to the monitoring system.

> >> Also how to enable reply-to-bug from grass-dev?
> I don't think it is possible currently. And I'm not sure it is needed.
> Other widely used tracking systems (Bugzilla, Trac) require one to use
> an online interface too and users got used to it. What is missing in
> GForge, is an option to CC an arbitrary email, eg. a mailing list, when
> a consultation is needed.
> [1]http://wald.intevation.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=300&group_i


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