Updated r.colors - was: [GRASS-dev] problem with r.colors on Mac

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Sat Apr 14 12:22:43 EDT 2007


I just did an update this morning and don't see any difference in r.color

r.colors map=elevation_delete rules=/Users/cmbarton/colors/bcyr

...produced an error. Do I need to do a make clean or something?


On 4/13/07 9:15 PM, "Glynn Clements" <glynn at gclements.plus.com> wrote:

> Glynn Clements wrote:
>> Once I've merged the rules= and color= options, I can re-use the
>> rules= option to read rules from a file (but I don't think that you
>> can specify a default directory for a file option).
> I've done that. The colors= option now uses the rules files (except
> for the grey.eq, grey.log, random and rules choices). The rules=
> option is now a file option.
>> Beyond that, it may be worth replacing colour=rules with a flag. Or
>> even a completely separate r.colors.rules module (I think I've already
>> expressed my opinions on having an interactive mode in a module which
>> is otherwise non-interactive).
> For now, I've added a flag (-i), and retained color=rules.

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