[GRASS-dev] new G_find_etc() and g.findetc

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Thu Apr 19 00:44:02 EDT 2007

Thanks to Glynn's expert help, I added a G_find_etc() function to  
libgis, and a companion g.findetc command.

These are used to locate support files for C and script modules that  
may be in a directory not inside the GRASS installation ($GISBASE/ 
etc).  They are intended for use by addon modules and scripts that  
are installed externally to the GRASS installation ($GISBASE).  The  
search paths are specified in the env var GRASS_ADDON_ETC.  If not  
found in those paths (or none are specified), it tries $GISBASE/etc.

To use, instead of hardwiring the etc path to $GISBASE:

   sprintf(path, "%s/etc/somefile", G_gisbase());

search for it with:

   path = G_find_etc("somefile");

and make sure to test for null = it wasn't found.

For scripts, use something like:

   fpath=`g.findetc file=somefile`

Works to find both files and folders, and subfolders.  The Mac OS X  
app startup has been updated to add the default global and user addon  
etc folders to GRASS_ADDON_ETC.

This is a followup to my message from March:


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