[GRASS-dev] new data set (eventually to replace spearfish)

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Wed Apr 25 13:53:10 EDT 2007

Test version of a new GRASS data set designed as
a replacement for spearfish is now available at:

you can get more info and links to additional
external data here

Please do not use yet for printed material as we expect
the names of some of the files to further change
as we go through the book, but the data should be ready
for use in development and testing.
(most data are for a pre-defined region called swwake_10m that
is approximately the size of spearfish, but there is also
statewide data and a high resolution (1m) subregion called rural_1m)
We have run almost all of raster and vector commands
with this data set while working on the book, although
not all options were tested.  If the inclusion of some
raster or vector maps does not seem to make sense (e.g.
30m SRTM when there is also 10m NED), it was needed
for examples in the book to demonstrate GRASS capabilities.

More detailed description of the data set as well as
the official FGDC metadata (quite extensive for some
data) will be added after we are done with the book.
And as with everything - this is not a static, finished
product - we expect the data set to evolve reflecting
the needs of the community and availability of new data.

I hope you enjoy working with the new richer data set,


Helena Mitasova
Dept. of Marine, Earth and Atm. Sciences
1125 Jordan Hall, NCSU Box 8208,
Raleigh NC 27695

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