[GRASS-dev] Message standardization

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 16 18:35:33 EST 2007


two cosmetic issues arising from the message standardization work-

Maybe minor issues but these changes are already being applied and I
wouldn't like to see folks have to repeat work if the group decides on
another way...

It seems to me the wiki is a bad place to try for a consensus due to the
"last edit wins" nature of it and lack of eyes. So to the mailing list...

   *  Suspension points used to indicate some process is being done
should be placed next to last word, without space. e.g. "Reading map..."
instead of "Reading map ..." 
    --HB: FWIW & my 2c, 1) to me keeping the space before the ellipse
looks better; is this a purely cosmetic choice or is there some style
logic? 2) these messages may be good candidates for G_verbose_message().

"Map <roads> in <user1>" or "Map <roads at user1>"
    * "Map <roads at user1>" preferred - ML
    * If the element was given on the command line, then the user knows
which mapset it came from, and the @mapset part is just extra noise,
perhaps use the ->answer string from the parser instead of the
processed ("%s@%s", name, mapset)? If the element is taken from the data
(how? i.group?) where the user hasn't explicitly defined the map, then
@mapset it appropriate. Also output maps are always created in the
current mapset* so @mapset is redundant and should not be used for new
maps. [* i.rectify, r.in.gdal, v.in.ogr are exceptions that can create
maps in other mapsets or new locations] --HB



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