[GRASS-dev] Message standardization

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Mon Dec 17 05:16:22 EST 2007

On 16/12/07 03:18, Hamish wrote:
> <aside> the GRASS 6.3 tcl GUI always appends the @mapset to the map 
> name, even for the current mapset. Personally I don't like that- I 
> think it's ugly noise. It does that to clarify to the user which map 
> will be used from the g.mapsets search path if the map name exists in
>  multiple mapsets.

IIRC, the reason for putting the @mapset was not really to clarify
anything to the user, but rather to avoid the message:

WARNING: 'vector/fields' was found in more mapsets (also found in
WARNING: using 'fields at user1'.

On 17/12/07 04:03, Wolf Bergenheim wrote:
> On 17.12.2007 01:35, Hamish wrote:

>> "Map <roads> in <user1>" or "Map <roads at user1>" * "Map 
>> <roads at user1>" preferred - ML * If the element was given on the 
>> command line, then the user knows which mapset it came from,

Why does he know when on the command line and not in the GUI ?

> FWIW I think that using @mapset should be limited to cases where 
> mapset is not the current mapset. And should *always* be used in that
>  case whether the input came from the user or not.

This would imply that:

On 16/12/07 03:18, Hamish wrote:
> I would be happy to just document/recode so that the current mapset
> is always searched first, PERMANENT second, and all others after
> (alpha? filesystem order?). </aside>

It would be interesting to see how many people deliberately set their 
mapset search path to something different than the default. This would 
then give us a notion of how much nuisance such a change would create ?


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