[GRASS-dev] things to do before the 6.3.0 release

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 19 21:47:32 EST 2007

> > > > Also, "l" in XDRIVER fill is badly broken.
> Duh; I spent about two hours looking over the culling algorithm
> before noticing that the problem with "l" is due to overflowing
> X's 16-coordinate range (16-bit signed short: -32768 to 32767).
> That issue effectively rules out using "l" so long as XDRIVER exists.
> I'll leave the code there for 7.x.

oh well. good to find this out before we went too far with it I guess.

> > > > next problem- r,d inverse fill a small bay upon zoom in.
> I can't reproduce the inversion with r/d and the PNG driver (using
> r/d with XDRIVER kills Cygwin's X server), but it might be sensitive
> to the region. Can you provide a region where this occurs?

region the same as in my render_trial_area_fill.sh, 
 g.region n=5528100 s=5526600 w=2053900 e=2055400 res=100

but I only see it after running d.resize*:
 d.resize w=1200 h=1350

the initial 400x300 window doesn't show it. (a sixth of 800x900)
  export GRASS_WIDTH=800
  export GRASS_HEIGHT=900
  d.mon x1
  # split display into six frames (from wiki addons)
  d.frame.quarter -6

[*] d.resize: I've given up on bloaty dumbed-down GNOME and never liked
the look of KDE, so I've gone back to using the fluxbox WM. There xmons
can not be resized by dragging on a corner for some reason. I've never
noticed this for any other X app, which makes me wonder if it is xmon
specific after all. We discussed this some time ago:
but this is another matter, and rather low priority.

ok, after a little d.zoom'ing I got it to invert, both XDRIVER and PNG
driver, both 'd' and 'r' methods.
g.region n=5527800 s=5526900 w=2054700 e=2055300 res=100
export GRASS_WIDTH=600
export GRASS_HEIGHT=338
d.mon x1
d.vect Coast_isl_fj render=$METHOD

Another thing I now notice, which I can replicate with 'd' and 'r', is
area fill is not happening for some islands. (Both PNG and XDRIVER)
See attached.  If 'd.vect type=area' all the islands on the left are
missing. (but the ones in the middle are ok)

g.region n=5541800 s=5513200 w=2035900 e=2072600 res=100

export GRASS_WIDTH=600
export GRASS_HEIGHT=338

d.mon x1
d.vect Coast_isl_fj render=$METHOD

TEXT="`echo $METHOD | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'`"
d.text text="$TEXT" color=black -b at=99,99 align=ur

> > how about 'c' as the default for the 6.3.0 release then?
> > (if PNG driver boundary/fill line-up problem can be fixed)
> It looks like it's going to have to be "c". r, d and l all risk
> passing out-of-range coordinates to XDRIVER, which will produce
> complete garbage and may even kill the X server.


I take it there is some reason the Xdriver can't contain some sort of
bounds checking {if(x > xmax) x=xmax;}, I assume you would have already
done that if it were possible... :)


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