[GRASS-dev] raster module for travel time calculations (updated)

jesbergwetter at arcor.de jesbergwetter at arcor.de
Sun Dec 30 03:44:45 EST 2007

Dear GRASS developers and users,

I am using GRASS GIS for some hydrological applications. For some questions like flood prediction it is useful to estimate the travel time of surface water in a basin to the outlet. Therefor I've developed a raster program "r.traveltime" which calculates the travel time for each cell in a basin from outputs of r.watershed and r.fill.dir. There is much literature about this procedure available but there's a lag of available software (GRASS and even ArcGIS do not come with this function). The personal need an the lag of available programs were the reason for me to develop a new program for GRASS GIS. I am not a programming expert, so the program is very simple and far away from being perfect.
I submitted this tool to the GRASS Wiki addon page.

In November I have already posted r.traveltime to the GRASS weblist mailing list. Recently I've found some bugs in the program. I hope it works correctly now.

r.traveltime is available here:

Best regards

Kristian Förster

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