[GRASS-dev] problems with mkftcap

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Wed May 2 20:44:20 EDT 2007

more trouble...

Now that mkftcap is not hanging for me, next problem.  For some  
reason the resource fonts are getting filtered out.

The first part, listing ttf, seems to be working.  The fc-list part  
should work - alone, the fc-list :outline file index command shows  
all the fonts.  But after the sed, they're gone.  Could it be because  
they don't have a file extension?

Here's a small clip of the raw fc-list output:

/System/Library/Fonts/Times.dfont: :index=0
/Library/Fonts/Arial Narrow: :index=0
/System/Library/Fonts/ヒラギノ角ゴ Std W8.otf: :index=0
/System/Library/Fonts/Apple LiGothic Medium.dfont: :index=0
/Library/Fonts/Arial Rounded Bold: :index=0
/Library/Fonts/Times New Roman: :index=0
/Library/Fonts/Andale Mono: :index=0
/System/Library/Fonts/ZapfDingbats.dfont: :index=0
/System/Library/Fonts/Hei.dfont: :index=0

Arial Narrow, Arial Rounded Bold, Times New Roman and Andale Mono  
disappear after the sed.

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