[GRASS-dev] Re: d.vect changes

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed May 2 23:01:46 EDT 2007

Yesterday, Hamish wrote:
> I've just committed some changes to d.vect in CVS. of note:
> simplification: use D_symbol() to plot symbols. This changes how -c
> random and rgb_column work on symbols. Now fill color is constant (ie
> whatever fcolor= was set to) and line color changes; previously -c or
> -a changed either the line color or fillcolor depending on if the
> symbol primitive drawing STRINGs or POLYGONs (that does odd things to
> symbols that use both, like pushpin).
> I can solve the pushpin problem by forcing its line color to always be
> black.

I've done that now.

> But that doesn't solve the "x" vs "o", stroke vs fill, problem.
> clone of D_symbol() using primary_color and secondary_color instead of
> line_color and fill_color??

I've done that now.

 * The same as D_symbol(), but it uses a primary and secondary color
 * instead of line and fill color. The primary color is used to draw
 * stroke lines (STRINGs) and as the fill color for polygons. The
 * secondary color is used for polygon outlines.
TODO: merge duplicate D_symbol() code into common lib fns in symbol.c

Markus wrote:
> d.vect kills x0
> strace d.vect myroads_net col=red

don't know, can you reproduce it with a spearfish map?
make distclean? ;)

In the past segfaults had arisen from untested combinations of
color=none and fcolor=none leading to uninit'd variables, but I think
I've caught all those. One thing I haven't tested is using with
rgb_column, but I haven't touched that part of d.vect so I think it'll
still be ok.

> mysterious day:

same here, e.g. I never received your email, nor mine above. Only
Glynn's response. But they show up on Gmane. (changing back my new yahoo
->/dev/null spam filter to ->bulkmail)


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