[GRASS-dev] the other part of font face index support

Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Fri May 4 01:30:28 EDT 2007

Perhaps the ftinfo tool can help you find more things about the font?

ftinfo -a fontfile will give you a lot of data :)


On 04.05.2007 06:08, William Kyngesburye wrote:
> Aside from getting the face index to a font file to work for fonts with
> multiple styles in one file, the other problem is listing those indexes
> and matching them with actual styles, or face names.  This is needed
> because there is no guarantee of the order of the faces in the file -
> regular is not always 0, bold not always 1, ...
> As an example, when I set the font to Arial Narrow, which has the usual
> assortment of regular, italic, bold and bold-italic in a single file,
> without an index (which defaults to 0), FreeType displays Arial Narrow
> Italic.
> fc-list appears to only list files.  The index info is always 0, and so
> is useless.  OSX has an older FontConfig (I couldn't figure out which
> version, since the library version doesn't seem to correspond to the
> package version), so maybe the latest FC will list all font faces in
> font files?  Not that that will be any use if we want to minimize
> necessity for replacing/updating what is supplied by the OS.
> I worked out an AppleScript to get font info from the OSX Font Book.app,
> but it has no concept of indexes of faces in files, just names.  But at
> least I got ALL faces in the font files, and their paths.
> I thought in FreeType you could open a face by style name, but waht
> little I could understand from the FT API docs all points to just
> indexes.  Maybe there is a get font info function that can be used to
> somehow return names of all face indexes in a font file?
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