[GRASS-dev] Problem with font selection in gis.m on Windows

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Fri May 4 12:06:05 EDT 2007

The recent talk of fonts on this list brought me to try out some stuff on 
Windows. I discovered there's a font selector control in gis.m (Config 
Menu-->Set default display font) but if I click the button to try and 
change it to anything other than Romans I get the following error:

couldn't execute "uname": no such file or directory
couldn't execute "uname": no such file or directory
     while executing
"exec uname -s"
     (procedure "Gm::SelectFont" line 7)
     invoked from within
     ("uplevel" body line 1)
     invoked from within
"uplevel \#0 $cmd"
     (procedure "Button::_release" line 18)
     invoked from within
"Button::_release .dispfont.fontopt2.b"
     (command bound to event)

Obviously trying to use the "uname" command (not available on native 
Windows) is the bug, but looking closer at the code (line 537 onwards in 
gui/tcltk/gis.m/gm.tcl) it seems the relevant part is trying to put 
together directories to search for Freetype fonts in? Which
(a) shouldn't even be needed here as I have the stroke font radio button 
in the dialog selected and don't even have GRASS compiled with Freetype 
support and
(b) might possibly be being made redundant by Glynn's new script to 
populate $GISBASE/etc/freetypecap?

Not sure what's the best way to fix this, taking into account those 


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