[GRASS-dev] something squirrelly with the PNG/PPM driver

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Mon May 7 19:44:52 EDT 2007

I¹ve been beating my head over what I thought was a bug introduced into the
rendering routines of wxgrass, only to just find out that it is something
introduced into the PNG display driver very recently‹maybe on last Thursday
or Friday.

The easiest way to see what is happening is to display a legend or scale bar
in the GUI. In both, white goes to black in the display. Both display fine
in an xmon. 

If the scalebar background is set to transparent, it displays OK. But white
goes to black. The same is true for legends of cell maps. White turns to
black. For FP maps, the whole thing turns black and won¹t even render
properly in wxPython (locks it up, maybe because it is generating a PNG for
this instead of a PPM).

All is OK on my laptop, which I updated last Thursday or Wednesday, but the
PNG/PPM display driver is broken on my office desktop, which I updated and
recompiled last Friday afternoon.

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