[GRASS-dev] [grass-code I][396] Line width in v.digit

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Wed May 9 10:18:43 EDT 2007

code I item #396, was opened at 09/05/2007 14:18
Status: Open
Priority: 3
Submitted By: Aldo Clerici (clerici)
Assigned to: Nobody (None)
Summary: Line width in v.digit 
Issue type: module bad feature
Issue status: None
GRASS version: 6.2
GRASS component: None
Operating system: Linux
Operating system version: 
GRASS CVS checkout date, if applies (YYMMDD): 070407

Initial Comment:
In the Setting panel of v.digit the 'Line width' option seems inactive (and the lines in the monitor have a default width greater -and unpleasant- than in the previous version of v.digit).



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