[GRASS-dev] resubmittion: logical meaning of fields of dglGraph_s structure

Nitin grasschoper at rediffmail.com
Thu May 10 01:04:52 EDT 2007

Hello everybody,
This is resubmition from my previous post.

When we run any algorithms  of network analysis, it works on a structure dglGraph_s . This structure represents graph consiting of nodes ( vertices) and arcs between. It also put forward access cost , backward access cost and node cost on this. This is what i have understood through code walkthrough. There are various fields in this structure and similar ones related to this.
In my application , i want to access use such graph which is available to
 me in form of struct dglGraph_s. This gets populated when i run Vect_net_build_graph(). But i am not able to comprehend what various field in this struture signify. I mean how i can acess various nodes and which arcs are connecting them.
If anyplace my understanding is not correct, kindly correct me

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