[GRASS-dev] r.what.color questions

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu May 10 07:31:54 EDT 2007

> > it would be nice (eg for vector maps) to have something like
> > r.colors

Michael Barton wrote:
> I've never seen this mentioned before, but it's a great idea. Have a
> module v.colors, like r.colors, that creates a color table for vectors
> (fill and line). Then have a flag in d.vect that will display the
> vector using the color table. In a number of ways, this is
> considerably more flexible than the current rgb column approach that
> requires updating the attribute table whenever you want to change a
> vector color map.

I hadn't considered putting a colr file in the vector/$MAP/ dir, but
it's an idea. Adding a single flag is cleaner than adding two+ new
options to the already cluttered d.vect.

so new -t flag, which works with the -a flag, to Take the primary
drawing color* from the colr file.

[*] primary color means line color, or for filled things, fill color.
    (see "d.vect -c bugsites" vs "d.vect -c fields")

but where does it get its value from? the cat? from numeric rgb_column=?
(thus -t would change meaning of rgb_column=) or from the Z value?

need a new option to specify that?
 (use default "none" to avoid needing a new -t flag)

color_ref->options = "none,z,cat,rgb_column"

that could be neat. v.support or better v.colors (wish GF#382) could be
used to copy the colr file into vector/$MAP/


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