[GRASS-dev] expanding [+] list on the GUI status bar

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 04:12:59 EDT 2007

> >>> expanding [+] list on that rows= cols= res= line?
> >> Not possible on the status line.
> > Is that just for Tcl, or wxPy too?
> You can't do this in wxPython either. At least I don't think so,
> though there is more flexibility for this kind of stuff.
> In both TclTk and wxPython, an "expanding list" needs to be done as a
> combobox, tree control, combo control, or something similar. In TclTk
> and I think in wxPython, you can only put text into the status bar,
> not a control/widget.

So what if we have a box at the bottom of the GUI that walks a like a
status bar and talks like a status bar but is coded as a combobox or
something similar?

(IF an exanding list is really useful in the first place)


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