[GRASS-dev] Google Summer of Code Student Project

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Tue May 15 00:55:35 EDT 2007

All the best. This sounds like an excellent project.


On 5/14/07 4:58 PM, "Daniel Bundala" <bundala at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> My name is Daniel Bundala and I will be working with Wolf Bergenheim
> on Google Summer of Code project "GRASS Modules for line
> generalization and smoothing". I am currently undergraduate at
> University of Oxford studying Mathematics and Computer Science.
> Fortunately, I will spend summer at home and not in rainy England, so
> I will definitely enjoy this summer (of code)! Anyway, my project is
> mostly about implementing algorithmic features to grass vector
> library. More precisely, I will be working on line simplification and
> line smoothing algorithms. Functionality of this kind is not present
> in the current version of Grass almost at all. So i'm really looking
> forward to enhance Grass in this way.
> Normally, Summer of Code begins on 28 May, but I'm begining in these
> days, 2 week before the official start, so I can later concentrate
> more on exams than on Grass:). So far, we(wolf+me) have decided that I
> will develop one single module "v.generalize" which will contain all
> line generalization tools (simplification and smoothing in this first
> step). So it will be good building block for other similar tools. One
> of the main aims is to implement all standard algorithms such as
> Douglas-Peucker algortihm to this modules. But Wolf quite often sends
> me a message that he has found/heard about new better algorithm which
> could be nice to have in Grass... So, in my opinion, this modules will
> go further than only to standard algorithms.
> I know that this is not the best introduction, but i think that code
> is more important than words in this case...
> If you have any questions/suggestions, please feel free to ask.
> Daniel

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