[GRASS-dev] [bug #5499] (grass) bash scripts starting with #!/bin/sh

Hamish Bowman via RT grass-bugs at intevation.de
Tue May 15 06:35:32 EDT 2007

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Re removing bashisms.

i.spectral: uses $array[0]. Don't know how to fix that, changed to use
#!/bin/bash; backported to 6.2.

v.in.gpsbabel: uses "echo -e" in two places, like:
 echo -e "$ROUTE_ID \t$NUMBER \t$R_NAME \t$START_PNT ">> "$TMP.route_atts"

how to fix that? 

    | tr '|' '\t' >> "$TMP.route_atts"


> BTW there are lots of 'if test "$GISBASE" = ""; then' ; was this a
> preferred method to -z for some reason? Is there some risk involved?

Vague memories that [..=""] was causing problems on Cygwin long long ago.
It has been updated to use [ -z "$foo" ] in many places, not the other way around.


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