[GRASS-dev] Fwd: GRASS vs. ENVI/ERDAS/PCI/any other RS Program

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ENVI/ERDAS/PCI/any other RS Program

Dear Sirs and Madams

Thanks so much for the OSGeo journal, it's great. My suggestion revolves
around migrating from a propriatry based GIS / Image processing
application to an open source alternative. Our company is currently moving
towards Opensource software. We currently use propriatry software packages
such as ENVI ERDAS and ArcGIS. A really usefull document to aid the move
could detail how to perform common operations in GRASS that users usually
use in ENVI or ERDAS for instance. Many people are reluctant to use GRASS
because they simply dont understand how to get RS and vector data into
GRASS. It must be said that preparing a GRASS location is a bit daunting
for a newcomer. The current documentation is very good, however, getting
people to move from propriatry software packages to an open source
alternative requires detailed tutorials and help guides designed to help
the new user replicate operations and image processing tasks commonly
undertaken ENVI / ERDAS / PCI.

Hope this comment is useful and keep up the good work.
Many thanks
Wesley Roberts

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