[GRASS-dev] Re: updated d.histogram

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 23:42:50 EDT 2007

> > Unrelated request that screenshot reminds me of: can there be a quit
> > button at the right end of the toolbar? (I've missed this in the tcl
> > profiling tool for a while).
> There can be. But it would just close the window, which clicking on
> the close button will do. Are you looking for something in addition to
> this?

Nothing more. Clicking on the "x" to close the window is a bit harsh for
a user not familar with the program. It's a bit like "what do I do now?
do I just nuke it?"

This is in spite of 'xkill' being one of my favorite programs ;)


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