[GRASS-dev] Re: updated d.histogram

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Fri May 18 07:03:35 EDT 2007

Paul Kelly wrote:
> Strange, it almost looks like the patch hasn't applied properly and
> only  some of the bugs are fixed, i.e. like the big tick spacing isn't
> calculated correctly and the numbers are still being truncated to
> integers  before printing. See attached for how it looks for me and an
> updated copy  of the patch against the latest source, in case anybody
> else would like to  try and verify their results (Note: PNG attachment
> hopefully results in  much smaller file size than JPEG...).

can you have it scan through before rendering to find the smallest font
size it will need instead of having each tick resize on its own?
(d.legend does this [except for sometimes with a flipped FP legend])

Is it using %g and not %.*f? why do some ticks have 3 and some 1 decimal
place? Fixed format would solve it too. Could the ticks be placed on
round numbers?


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