[GRASS-dev] adding units and vertical datum metadata to raster maps

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon May 21 06:53:16 EDT 2007

> > > TODO: create a fn in r.info to take care of G_asprint() work,
> > > right now the "fancy output" section of the module is an ugly
> > > mess.

> I've added G_vasprintf().

r.info cleaned. Thanks.

I have now added in support for raster map units and vertical datum
metadatas in 6.3 cvs. Settable with r.support, viewable with r.info.
All other modules currently ignore these, it is expected that in future
modules like r.shaded.relief and NVIZ may use the units values for
conversion hinting in lat/lon locations, and modules like r.patch might
produce a warning if the units or vertical datums don't match. Both are
freeform in nature, so it is not recommended to code against them for
anything critical. (ie don't expect them to be set to anything already)

For now r.info will be quiet about units and vertical datum unless they
have been set.

I also added in r.support a couple new options to set other r.info
fields, and renamed the new organization= option to source1= (as now 
there is a source2= too, and "data source" may well be a satellite
name or published dataset).

All non-interactive r.support options can now be used in one call to the
program as well.


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