[GRASS-dev] Re: [GRASSGUI] New profiling module for wxgrass

Jachym Cepicky jachym.cepicky at gmail.com
Tue May 22 01:25:44 EDT 2007

Hi Michael,

it looks nice, but it does not seem to work for me. When I draw the
profile and click on the "create profile" button, I get:

  File "/usr/src/gis/grass/addons/gui/gui_modules/profile.py", line 320,
in CreateProfile
    self.pline = plot.PolyLine(self.datalist, colour='blue', width=2,
line 224, in __init__
    PolyPoints.__init__(self, points, attr)
line 124, in __init__
    self._points = _Numeric.array(points).astype(_Numeric.Float64)
ValueError: matrices are not aligned for copy

Thanks for this effort


Michael Barton píše v Po 21. 05. 2007 v 16:27 -0700:
> Following up on the general gist of discussions about graphing, I
> created a new profiling module for wxgrass using the plot module in
> wxPython. Although the docs stated that it required numeric, numarray,
> or numpy as a dependency, it was not clear during development if this
> particular application of the plot module did indeed require this.
> I’ve now tested it on another system and can verify that to run the
> new profile module (profile.py) you’ll need one of these dependent
> modules (any will work). They are available from a variety of sources.
> I’ll try to get together a list and put it in the README if we want to
> continue with this.
> I will say that doing the profile with plot produced a very nice
> result (I’ve attached a screenshot here) with about 1/3  of the code
> I’d need to do it manually. It also makes it very easy to do other
> simple graphs (mainly line and point graphs, though bar graphs are
> also possible) with very little in the way of coding—built in save to
> file, printing, zooming, dragging, scrolling, and log scales for
> example.
> Let me know what you think (after you’ve installed
> numeric/numarray/numpy).
> Michael
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